Call for Submissions

So I ask you:

  • Did you experience Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria or any other of the big weather events of 2017 or 2018?
  • Did you slog through more snow last winter than you’ve ever seen before?
  • Did you lose a house or a family heirloom to fire fueled by record-setting temperatures?
  • Can you imagine what the world will be like 50 years from now?

If you experienced these or any other of the myriad results of human-caused climate change, or if you are concerned and know something about the subject, we’d like to include your fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre, comics, photography or art in our upcoming anthology. Deadline is 7/1/2018. Word limit is 2,000.

Here is information that may be important to you:

  • Copyright: We ask only for rights to format and publish in the anthology. All other copyrights are yours.
  • Reprints: If applicable copyrights allow, we will reprint. Let us know where your work was published originally.
  • Simultaneous submissions: Let us know if somebody else beats us to the punch.
  • Edits: Your work will be edited for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  No substantive edits will be made without your approval.
  • Formats: Print, e-Book and Kindle Unlimited
  • Charges, fees, etc.: None for submitting, none for any editing, none for publishing, none.
  • Pay: Gosh! We wish we could offer hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, we aren’t being paid, either. We can offer you a free Kindle book–which you won’t even need if you have Kindle Unlimited. Perhaps if we sell a whole lot of books, we will be able to afford to share some of the proceeds. As the chief editor of this book, I can state that this is my hope.  But it may be more important to be included in a work that not only has literary merit but also just might do some good in the world.

To submit photography or other art to us, please email it to To submit fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry–any creative writing–please complete the form below.