Setting Forth

Publishing Credits

My creative nonfiction has been (or will be) published in these books and magazines:

“Right Choice; Wrong Choice”
Medium, November 30, 2021

“Buy! Buy! Buy!
2020 edition
Promptly Written
, November 28, 2021

“Where is Quinn?”
Put it to Rest, October 20, 2021

“Writing Class”
The Writing Cooperative, October 17, 2021 (with a different title).

“My First Memory Remakes Itself”
Medium, October 8, 2021

“Love or a Straight-Five Engine”
Tell Your Story, October 4, 2021

“Hard D”
Motivate the Mind, October 1, 2021

“Got to Work”
Medium August 21, 2021

“And You will be Happy”
Medium, August 20, 2021.

“To the End”
Medium, August 6, 2021.

“No TeeVee!”
Syndicated, December 5, 2019
Tell Your Story, November 26, 2021

“Introducing Abraham Lincoln”
50-Word Stories, October 25, 2019
Sixty-Second Stories, October 6, 2021

“Not Your Mundane Music”
Entropy, April 22, 2019
Medium, August 6, 2021 (with a different title)

“They Is Us”
The Daily Abuse: Women’s Accounts of Sexual Violation, October 6, 2018

Groundwaters anthology 2018 (publishing credits; the book is in paperback only)
Creators of Justice Literary Award, December 2021 (Scroll down to 2021 Honorable Mentions and select Essay.)

“Three Generations are all Mother”
Mothers Always Write, August 13, 2018

“Counting Every Rib”
BONED: A collection of skeletal writings August 14, 2018
Petness on November 4, 2021

“A Creature”
Catapult 6/15/2018

“Buying Corn” 
Sincerely Magazine Spring 2018, Volume 6 called “Hiraeth”

“A Responsibility to Plant Yellow Flowers”
Defuncted, October 28, 2021
Oregon Humanities Magazine, Spring 2018 (a considerably shorter version with the title, “Losing Gorgan”)
Cat Fancy, 1986–now defunct (a third version of the same piece)

“My Career–Not!”
Work Literary Magazine 11/13/2017 to 12/25/2017 (serialized)

“To Make My World a Better Place”
Our Memoir Collection: Everybody Has a Story, June 6, 2013
Setting Forth—on a Literary Itinerary, June 9, 2016
Medium, September 14, 2021

TALES OF OUR LIVES — Fork in the Road: Award-Winning Stories from 2015

“A Deep Calm Breath”
bioStories  winter/spring 2014 issue

“Three Generations are all Mother”
Our Memoir Collection: Everybody Has a Story 2013

A Responsibility to Plant Yellow Flowers” (original version)
Cat Fancy Magazine 1983 (now renamed Catster)