Setting Forth Publishes What May Be the Finest Surf Poetry Book Ever Written

Setting Forth–on a Literary Itinerary announces the publication of what may just be the finest surf poetry book ever written:

Tell ‘Em We’re Surfing: The Surf Poetry Collection by Scott Rosin

Here is the book description on Amazon.

“The word “surfing” has come to mean different things over the years, but to poet Scott Rosin, the most important meaning is the original: surfing waves. This varied poetic collection touches on everything from alienation, conservation, environmentalism and the joyful psyche and practice of wave-riding. Rosin presents a sensual wordscape that is accessible, thoughtful and reflective of his half-century among the breakers. Referencing classic updates of Faustus and The Ancient Mariner and employing the beat and rhythm of the ocean, Rosin gives us poems that entertain both as a smooth summer beach read and as a reflective winter fireside companion for surfers and non-surfers alike. Humorous and satirical with a tinge of the philosophical, Rosin’s poems are about stepping away from our fast-paced civilization and paddling out into the watery wilds.”

There are three versions of the book: a full-color beautifully illustrated coffee-table version, a smaller book with the poems only, and a Kindle version that is free with Kindle Unlimited.