Websites for Books and Literary Businesses

I’ve designed and created possibly as many as 50 Websites, beginning in the era when “The Internet” was referred to reverently and ending with … well, I’m still creating Websites. My latest ones are powered by WordPress with plugins and custom styling and coding for additional look, feel and functionality. Several of my latest sites are listed below. Two of them are for books and literary businesses.

This Website, Setting Forth–on a Literary Itinerary

What would you think of me if I didn’t create at least my own Website?

A site for a client who writes “personal poetry”

Options are available under the masthead, pictured below. Prospective clients can view examples of poems written for other clients and can complete a form to request a poem and to provide information about what sort of information they want included in it. In addition, there are the usual About Us and Contact Us pages and a book sales page with payment options.

An Art Cards Gallery and store

The image you see below is one of several that display in a “slider” on the front page.

A Site for a Yoga and Pilates Studio

This is the masthead. An About Us page provides information to bring people to this particular studio and to help them decide whether they want to take Yoga or Pilates classes or personal training.  Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training options lead to pages with detailed information about these disciplines and class schedules, which are embedded Google calendars the client can maintain. The final two options are Teachers and Testimonials. A password-protected page is not visible but is available for use only by teachers.

A Site for an Editor

In this case, the editor is me. This was my site before my business expanded from writing and editing to writing, editing, publishing and websites.