Setting Forth


I’ve designed and created approximately 50 Websites beginning in the era when most people had yet to hear about “the Internet.” My latest sites are powered by WordPress with plugins, custom styling and custom coding to provide additional look, feel and functionality. The designs for several of my latest sites are in screen captures below.  Links are provided to active sites.


This Website, Setting Forth–on a Literary Itinerary

What would you think of me if I didn’t build my own site?

Viking Shield Mexico

This site was created for a startup security firm in Mexico. The design shows one image in a slider at the top of the landing page. The slider displays an image with associated text for each service offered. The landing page has a number of mouse-over and other custom design elements and provides the single-page appearance made popular in 2019, while separate pages for each service provide more detail.

This site was written in English and a plugin automatically translates the text from English to Spanish for Spanish speakers.

See For this site, I created the design and edited all text.

Plastic Roads

This site was created for Recycling Advocates in Portland. For this site, I created the design and the logo and wrote or edited all text. Functionality was included to send emails to legislators, database emails sent and track results. A volunteer application was also included to attract, schedule and reward volunteer work.

350 Oregon Central Coast

For this site, I did only design and information mapping. See

Lightnin’ Literary

I have used both Woocommerce and Ecwid stores. This site uses Ecwid, which I like for its simplicity. Woocommerce has more free functionality, however.

This site was sunsetted in 2019.

Art Cards Gallery

The image you see below is one of several that display in a slider on the front page. Woocommerce was used for the store.

This site was sunsetted in 2019.

Volk’s Yoga and Pilates Studio

This site has a back-end database used to register and keep track of students.

I Write [and Edit] for you

This was the name of my business before it expanded into publishing and website building. I am still fond of the business title and the simplicity of the masthead.