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I am Katharine Valentino, owner of Setting Forth–on a Literary Itinerary. Have you been wanting to write something but are not sure how to go about it? Or have you begun the writing process but are now bogged down somewhere? You want to be accurate, concise, clear and compelling. You want content that will connect with your readers.

You may just want to ensure you have all the semicolons in the right places and a book or website you can be proud of, or you may want help throughout the writing, editing and publishing processes.

I can work with you in several ways:

You Talk; I Write

If you have not yet begun to write, you can dictate to me. I’ll type what you say as you say it, asking you questions about anything that isn’t clear or that might be expanded to make it more interesting. Together, we can find the best way to say exactly what you want to say.

You Write; I Edit

If you’ve already written something, I can work as an editor for you, reviewing it for correct English grammar and punctuation and to ensure it is says what you want it to say in the way you want to say it.

What About Publishing?

I can take care of formatting your work for book or online publishing, including inserting illustrations. I can also publish for you on Amazon or another book-publishing site.

Add a Website?

I can create a website for you and show you how to keep it updated so you never have to pay anyone again after the site is published. And if you need a Facebook page, I can do that for you as well.

My Experience

I have more than two decades of experience as a newspaper reporter and managing editor; a magazine features writer; a technical communicator; a memoir writer and editor; an article, blog and poetry editor; and a book publisher. Many years ago, I attained a bachelor’s degree in journalism “with high distinction” from Indiana University at Bloomington, then one of the five best journalism schools in the country. Later, during a decade when I worked at IBM, I was awarded master’s level certifications in Written English and English Vocabulary. I also have additional accreditations in technical writing and in information management.

Several years ago, I was the owner and editor of the online literary magazine Setting Forth–on a Literary Itinerary, which published short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry by writers in and near Eugene, Oregon.  I discontinued the magazine in 2017 but kept the name, thus Now, I work mostly part time editing everything from novels and poetry to technical publications and creating websites for clients. When I’m inspired, I write, usually creative nonfiction.

You may want to review my resume.

What I Do

Help You Write
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Help You Edit
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Help You Publish
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Help You Build a Website
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For anthologies published by Setting Forth, there is no cost to you for editing or publishing your work. You are paid in eBook copies.

For any other writing, editing or publishing services, and for any website building, I charge on a sliding scale depending, for example, upon whether you own a mansion or are renting a studio apartment.

Samples of my Work

See Sample Memoirs

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Edwin Wollet

I have worked with Katharine on a variety of my works … from poems to short stories. She listens to her writers in an empathetic, professional manner, and I am glad she is continuing to pursue her interest in helping writers author the stories they have always wanted to write.

Hal Powers

Katharine has the skill and empathy that marks superior editors, and she is willing and able to devote abundant time and steely concentration to all submissions regardless of the skill level of her clients and the quantity and quality of their submissions.

Charles C. Castle

Thank you for editing A Season’s Second Coming and for making me a better poet.

Adam Levon Brown, owner, Madness Muse Press

Katharine Valentino was one of the first editors I came across in my poetic journey. She helped me to become more serious in my writing and to improve my craft.

Jim Newell

Thanks to my editor, Katharine Valentino. Her patient guidance throughout writing, editing and publishing was essential. My memoirs are now on The book is The Valley of the Stinkin’ Horse … and Other Droll Takes, as I Remember.

Al Steinmetz

I had my book almost all written in handwriting, which almost nobody could read. Katharine transcribed it and worked with me to make some things more understandable. She also scanned and added about a hundred pictures. I’m a car guy–40 years with Kendall Ford in Eugene. My book is Cars I Should Have Kept, and it is on If you like cars, you’ll like this book.


I’m only 19, but I’ve had a sort of unusual life, and Katharine is helping me write my life story.

Julie Woods Smith Olson

I DO SO APPRECIATE all you have done for me…your time, skills, patience and friendship. My book,
To Make a Difference: A Peace Corps Memoir — Turkey 1964-66, is now on

C. Steven Blue

When it comes to grammar, Katharine knows her stuff. Katharine edited my Wordsong series, Wordsongs, Wordsongs–Too Blue and Wordsongs-3 Recovery.

Sandra Martin

I can’t write and I can’t spell, but I’m writing my memoirs! Or no, I’m just talking through my memories; Katharine is writing everything down for me and editing it.

Shelly Miller

You published my first poem ever and gently guided me with suggestions that improved my poetry. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

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