My Latest Project

My latest project is a book, Ummie Tink, published on Amazon.

Ummie Tink was originally a chapter in a 1913 children’s book titled The Cheer Chirpers by Joshua Freeman Crowell. I have edited this new version of the story to make it more understandable to children five generations removed from those who first delighted in its rhyme and rhythm.

I first heard the original story in 1947. I was four years old, perched on Gramma’s lap and tracing the words in the book as Gramma read them. By the second grade, I was taking the book with me to read to my classmates on show-and-tell days. The kids would grin at the very notion of a friendly wasp and a wasp mother named Honora Fedora Zippora. Grins would turn to giggles when Tink’s new baby brothers and sisters got their names. (Say the following line aloud. Start softly. Get louder. End with a shout)

“Nora, Ora, Dora, Pora, Ho-Ho, Fedo, Zippo, a-n-d RA RA RA!”

There are no heavy topics in this book. Ummie Tink leaves his nest seeking adventure, finds a little more than he’s prepared for, acquires courage, learns how to cope without stinging the gentle creatures he encounters, and finally finds his way home again to be with his family.

The story is that simple–and that heartwarming! I hope you enjoy it. I know your child will.

By the way, book illustrations are new in this version. They are in color but are also included in black-and-white in a final coloring-book section ready to print.

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